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Friday, June 3, 2011

32 - 12th August 2007 - IIT student commits suicide - Mid Day

Date:  2007-8-12

Balkrishna Gupta hangs himself to death. Online, he described himself as bad, ugly and dangerous

Balkrishna Gupta, the IITian, who allegedly hanged himself in his hostel room on Saturday, seemed to be in a disturbed state of mind. He had described himself as a bad, ugly and dangerous person on, the social networking site.

Gupta (27), a Ph D (Chemistry) student of IIT, Mumbai, further described himself as being passionate about knowledge and believed in hard work. He states that he could not live without air, water, food, his pet and parents. However, he felt that his looks were like mirror cracking material.

Gupta, who hailed from Kanpur, was found hanging inside room number 129 of hostel number 12. He left a note saying he was taking the extreme step due to personal reasons and added that no one else was responsible for it, police said.

This is the second case of an IIT student committing suicide on the campus in the last one year. Earlier, Shrikant Mullapa (21), a student of Electrical Engineering, IIT Mumbai, had committed suicide by hanging himself, in January.