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Friday, June 3, 2011

36 - 19th April 2008 - IT Kanpur student commits suicide- SIFY News

2008-04-19 03:26:17  

Kanpur: A first-year student of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, committed suicide on Friday. His family blamed ragging for his extreme act but institute authorities denied the charge.

The body of Prashant Kumar was found hanging from the ceiling of his hostel room.

His father Sunder Lal Kureel said he had been suffering from depression after facing ragging in the campus. Institute director Sanjay Dhande, however, ruled out ragging as a factor and said the student had been suffering from a psychological ailment.

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     Posted by Aslee IITK on Nov 20,2010 19:26 PM
It is not ragging, it is the IITK system that forces suicide. Grading system is horrible and fully based on a professor's discretion. Because of which, suicides in IITK are happening since last 5 years (8 cases), media is not shared the reasons and bribed for not publishing the facts. There is no transparency in IITK system, which is another reason why the findings of the inquiry committee are not disseminated even to the campus community. Results of fact finding committee are communicated to HRDs and other governing bodies, then what is the need of sending e-mail to all IITK community, informing the formation of committee? I would agree the academic pressure and rudeness shown by the professors in interacting with the students and their incorrect teaching strategy. The professors while teaching, must identify weak students and counsel them separately, which may be a possible solution to bring down suicide numbers.

     Posted by maxiboy on Oct 04,2008 18:48 PM
Ragging or thing that really sucks is the IITIAN attitude...Why are you hellbent on the image of IIT's no matter whatever issue crops up?...Be it reservations,suicides one thing that both the students and the STAFF blabber about BRAND,IMAGE...BLAH,BLAH.......Isn't there selfishness on your part in doing so? This is only for those who neglect individual concerns...

     Posted by Student on Apr 20,2008 13:04 PM
I'm a 4th year IIT-K suudent, and I can say ragging is certainly not the problem. Ragging gets over after 2 weeks form the start of the first semester. Part of the problem is this: Students here were all toppers in their schools, and are apalled when they find themselves getting poor grades for the first time. This can throw some people off balance.

     Posted by IIT Student on Apr 19,2008 18:28 PM
I am residing at the IIT campus since last 4 years, and the only reason behind the suicides is the arrogant behaviour of some faculty members who claim be "super intellectuals" and harass innocent students of which IIT administration is taking no note. Several students have complained about the harassments by the faculty but IIT administration turns deaf ear, which results the tragic suicides at IIT Kanpur. They harass the students and declare him “mentally unfit�. So for this 6th suicide nobody is responsible but the IIT faculty and administration. It is they who make an intelligent student mentally sick and let them no other option than to suicide. All fact finding committees give false reports to cover the skin of faculty members and administration.

     Posted by Ranjan on Apr 19,2008 15:24 PM
Being a student of IITK, I can cinfidently rule out ragging as a cause of suicide. Ragging is minimal here, and that too occurs only for something like 15 days in the beginning. Absolutely no form of physical ragging is tolerated. If you dont know the truth, stop making comments!