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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

61 - 16th July 2009 - One more suicide inside IIT-Kharagpur - INDIAN EXPRESS

In yet another suicide case inside IIT campus, an 18-year-old student hanged himself on Wednesday afternoon in Kharagpur.

Yogendra Kumar Singh was at IIT-Kharagpur for registration in the undergraduate programme, which is scheduled for Thursday. He was staying at the Madan Mohan Malaviya Hall of residence along with his father and uncle.

The institute sources said he had been offered electrical engineering based on his rank. Singh had ranked fairly high in the merit list of IIT-JEE examination this year.

“We have learnt that the boy was not happy to get admitted to IIT-Kharagpur and since he was from Noida, he wanted to join the nearest institute,” said UP Singh, the spokesperson and the security officer at the institute.

According to the authorities at the institute, the incident took place when Singh’s father and his uncle had gone for shopping. Singh hanged himself with a chain used to tie suitcase and other luggage. Over the last few months the institute has been rocked by a series of suicide cases. On June 15 Manoj Kumar, a first year student, committed suicide at Madan Mohan Malaviya Hall. On April 23 K Ramananda Rao, a 4th year chemical engineering student and a boarder at the Nehru Hall of Residence, had also taken his life inside the campus.