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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

72 - 23rd April 2010 - Three students committed suicide in IIT-K in 3 years: Govt - ZEE News

Friday, April 23, 2010, 22:15

New Delhi: Three students of IIT Kanpur have committed suicide during the last three years, the government told the Rajya Sabha today.

Replying to a question, Minister of State for HRD,  D.Purandeswari, however, did not elaborate on the reasons behind students taking the extreme step.

The reasons for some of the cases for taking such extreme step have reportedly been stated in notes left behind by them which are in possession of the police department," she said.

To a question by Anusuiya Uikey, Purandeswari said the academic programme of a few students of the institute have been terminated as they failed to clear the requirements.

Such students may choose to appeal against the decision, she said.

The government has received a few complaints of irregularity and discrimination in IIT-Kanpur. But such complaints have not been substantiated, she said.


Kilkil Sachan - IIT Kanpur
Government is provided with false information or providing false information as eight students of IIT Kanpur have committed suicide in four years under the current administration. As far as the case of expulsion is concerned it is advised by HRD ministry and IITK administration to appeal against decision but the fact is that these terminations are done after appeals, before appeals they had expelled 140 students, there is no equitable criteria for considering appeals in IIT Kanpur.

anuj - kanpur
Here are some of the suicides cases that we would like to bring to your notice. •    November 29, 2004: Swapnil Chandrakant Dhasraskar, second year mechanical at IIT Kanpur jumps to death from a IIT Kanpur building. •    May 3,2006: Shailesh Kumar 23 years old student of chemical engineering department(dual degree) iit kanpur hangs himself to death. •    October 9, 2006: Anjan Kumar, second year, Chemical, IIT Kanpur. •    November 6, 2006: Abhilash JJ, a PhD scholar from Kerala, pursuing doctoral studies at IIT Kanpur. commits suicide by consuming poison. •    April 25, 2007: J Bharadwaj iit kanpur student jumps before a moving train. •    April 19, 2008: Prashant Kumar, first year student of electrical engineering, IIT Kanpur hangs himself to death in his hostel room. •    May 31 2008 Toya Chatterjee The 22-year-old bio-engineering final year student from Tollygunge commit suicide hanging herself in hostel room. •    January 3, 2009: G. Suman, second year M.Tech electrical engineering student, IIT Kanpur commit suicide hanging himself in hostel room.