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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

75 - 20th August 2010 - IIT Madras Takes its Second Toll- Source - Live on Campus

By : Samsher
JSS Academy of Technical Education,Chennai

IIT Madras witnesses second in the row suicide of 26-year-old, R Sandeep, from Hyderabad, This is the second in the list of a p.g student in  IIT Madras hostel in the last two years. In October 2008, a first-year MTech mechanical engineering student, Sankar Perumal, had committed suicide at Krishna Hostel.

With suicide note absent, inquiries point  a combination of academic and financial reasons as the possible explanation. He was unable to complete the two-year course in 2009.

With parents annual income of only Rs 35,000 his elder brother financially supported him. Although he did not show signs of depression, but more lies in his visit to his home which was some weeks ago.